Adéle Roos

Illustrator, printmaker, designer, mother; not always in that order.

I’m an illustrator of things seen and imagined. I love drawing people out ‘in the wild’, sometimes I give the sketch away; mostly I love capturing memories of the ‘ordinarily often forgotten’.

Let’s be Instafriends!

I am more chatty there than I am here really, come and see what I draw next.

Observational drawings

I am rarely without some drawing materials. in 2020 I started to actively draw people as quick observational sketches, aiming to spend no more than 20 minutes on the drawing, mostly less. On occasion (depending on the moment) I give the drawing to the person I drew after taking a picture for myself for future reference.
I LOVE capturing the magically unstructured candid moments of life. Below are a selection of drawings I have made in 2023.


Traditional graphic printing has a special place in my heart. The unexpected that adds to the design even if you control everything possible appeals to me. My linoprints are mostly of animals, and am mostly just as surprised as you are with what comes out.

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