Pug goes Walkies

This was such a fun project. It was submitted for a "Limited Ink" Design contest, and i was lucky enough that it was accepted together with 19 other designers. The aim of the company was to produce limited run t-shirts (only a 100 being printed) and each t-shirt would then have the number/100 printed on the label, together with a short description about the artist.

Unfortunately the company went bust. (Poor little pug)


This design was meant to be worn front and back, which is the less charming picture you will see below, creating the illusion that you are permanently 'pugging' around.

Pug goes walkies
pug goes walkies - back
Big Baah - illustration


This was me poking fun at the hipsters. A sheep being, ironic and stuff. I would love to develop this into a band poster. Think about it...