Finite to fail, infinite to venture - Emily Dickinson

This was deeply personal project for me. I dedicated it to Yolande Strauss, a good friend, and very talented musician in South Africa. She got through to the Avon Voice's competition's semi-finals, but when she didn't progress any further, this quote made me think of her, one of the first 'Songbirds' I ever met.


Yolande's website


The entire illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator.

Finite to fail, infinite to venture - Emily Dickinson
Infite to fail, bird detail
Infite to fail, plane detail
LEap of faith illustration

I choose you!

Again playing around in Adobe Illustrator for the pure joy of it. I espesially loved the smug little face on the dog.

Leap of faith illustration

All great stories, start with one leap of faith

This was an experimental drawing for me, trying new colouring techniques in Adobe Photoshop, I don't know exactly what i learned here, but it sure was fun doing.

Today will be a good day - illustration

Today will be a
good day!

I was given a gorgeous moleskine softcover sketchbook and some glorious pecils when i left my previous employer where i worked for over 5 years, and this was the very first drawing in the book. (see below)

I then re-drew it in Adobe Illustrator, I wanted to see if i will be able to recreate the colour hues in the handmade text.

Today will be a good day sketch
Heartbeat - illustration


Playing around in Adobe Photoshop and it's infinite range of filters and effects.