Links to Awesomeness

I'm extremely curious by nature, but these people both inspire me, and keeps me hungry to learn even more.



PS(This list isn't done, not by a longshot! But it will give you a good starting point, all these people let me stand in awe .. exept perhaps arthouse co-op, I just love their projects)

Things I read:

The 22 Immutable laws of Branding - Al & Laura Ries

The Craftsman - Richard Sennett

The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman

HTML & CSS Web Standardistas - Christoper Murphy & Nicklas Persson

Design by Nature - Maggie Macnab

The Elements of Typographical Design - Richard Bringhurst

Neil Gaiman

Terri Pratchett

Dave McKean

Calvin & Hobbs comics

Taxi Studio
the inspiration list
Johanna Basford
Steven Bonner
Personal Projects
Tom Redfern
Jessica Hische
Marian Bantjies
Believe In
Uberkraaft Design